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Readers Love Magazines

Consulting and advisory firm Deloitte conducted a survey of 2200 consumers online to determine the ways in which the introduction of new forms of media is changing media consumption.

The study included consumers between the ages of 13 and 75, and found that nearly 75 percent of all consumers choose to read print magazines, even though they can find the same information online. They are, overall, also more receptive to print ads as compared to ads viewed on the Internet. And 51 percent of respondents are interested in watching and reading user generated content.

According to details of the study, there are distinct differences in media habits between the different age groups. Millennials (ages 13-24) are the first to embrace new technologies, games and entertainment platforms, and one in ten has uploaded their own videos to the Internet.

Millennials also lead the pack in social networks, but they spend less time browsing the Web than Generation X-ers (25-41) or Baby Boomers (42-60). And Gen X-ers are most likely to use DVRs (digital video recorders), and most likely to visit TV show Web sites.

Boomers are very attached to their newspapers and spend the most time with local news and weather. They do not embrace new media platforms as readily as do younger generations. Matures (61-75) actually use the Web for personal use than Millennials and are also the most frequent online purchasers. They spend the most time with national and world news content and financial information.

Source: Circulation Management, http://www.circman.com

By Kristina Joukhadar

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