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Red flags in preschool

preschoolprobs2HLRed flags in preschool

By Kristy MacKaben

Four-year-old Nathan Bowen of Laurel was eager to start preschool last year. He loved learning and playing with other kids so it was a surprise when he started having difficulties.

As a baby and toddler, Nathan hit every milestone on time or even early and was “very bright,” says his mother, Amanda Bowen. “We saw no cause for concern,” she says.

That is until his preschool teachers began sharing their concerns about Nathan’s behavior. He was easily frustrated, anxious about transition, had trouble sharing and manipulating toys and was unable to sit still. The structure of preschool was a struggle for Nathan, Bowen says.

“He needed constant redirection,” she explains. “It was definitely hard to hear and very emotional, but I was determined to learn all I could and get him the very best treatment.”

There are many stories similar to Nathan’s — children who showed no signs of delays or difficulties until they started school.

Whether a child is having trouble sitting still for story time, becoming aggressive with other kids, or not recognizing letters and numbers, preschool teachers say they are on the lookout for red flags for developmental or learning delays.

To learn what those red flags are be sure to click here to read our full story When your child has problems in preschool

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