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Redesigning Your Child’s Room on a Budget


redesignRoomChoosing the décor for your child’s bedroom can seem like a formidable task. Although it may be hard to believe, your child is growing up fast, and his or her interests are constantly changing.

One minute, your daughter loves playing with her dolls; the next, she is obsessed with Justin Bieber. Designing a room that your child won’t outgrow too quickly can seem overwhelming.

After all, you can’t possibly afford to renovate the entire room every few years—especially in these difficult economic times. But don’t get discouraged. It is possible to redesign your child’s room and stay within your budget. By making some simple, inexpensive changes, you can completely transform the appearance of the room. And you can continue to make minor changes as your child gets older, so the room reflects his or her personality. So start looking at color swatches and leafing through magazines for ideas. Let your creative juices flow. Unlike some home-improvement projects that are a major hassle, redesigning your child’s room is a fun activity that you and your child can enjoy together.

“Redesigning a room is a great idea because it allows you to work with what you already have,” says Deborah Goode, a certified interior decorator at A Goode Start Decorating and Home Staging, located in the Annapolis area. “And you can do as much—or as little—as you want. Even minor changes make a big difference. Updating the room’s appearance can make it look brand new.”

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