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Repealing Common Core popular among parents

Common-Core-world-cloud-overwhlemedBy Len Lazarick and Duane Keenan at MarylandReporter.com

Teachers are exhausted and frustrated over the new Common Core curriculum, and their union and school boards want to slow down implementation and improve it.

But scores of parents from across Maryland told legislators they want to junk the whole thing altogether. They came to the House Ways & Means Committee Wednesday to support Del. Michael Smigiel’s bill (HB76) totally repealing the new standards.

Their reasons ranged from the political to the pedagogic. They objected to the new computerized tests being imposed and to the untested teaching methods. They invoked the Constitution, copyright law, corporate conspiracies and common sense.

Parents and grandparents told tales of frustrated children confused and slipping behind as they tried to learn under the new standards.

Smigiel’s bill prohibits the State Board of Education, and county boards from establishing curriculum and guidelines that include, or are based on, the Common Core standards. The standards were developed by the National Governors Association and state school superintendents, but are being pushed by the U.S. Department of Education with Race to the Top funding.

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