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Revising Your Resolutions

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Have you gone off-course? Of course!

Have no fear, revising your resolutions is perfectly normal, and it’s how you’re going to recover and keep on track in changing your habits.

Here are five tips on revising your resolutions to work for you from fitness trainer Amanda Parks.

Adjust and Keep Going

Did you misstep and eat that chocolate that you swore you wouldn’t? No worries, you can try again tomorrow! Just keep trying.

Make Smart, Specific Goals

Making resolutions is all about setting attainable goals and laying out the steps to achieve them. If you didn’t plan properly on New Year’s Eve, now’s the time.

Reduce or Replace

Resolutions shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing solution. Instead of denying yourself of something you’re trying to eliminate, try reducing or replacing it with something healthier.

Learn your Triggers and Course Correct

Do you crave an sweet snack in the afternoon? Anticipate what drives you to need the boost and find something else to replace it with.

Be Nice to Yourself

Don’t be so quick to quit. You can achieve your goals by giving yourself a pat on the back when you succeed, or a quick pep talk when you get off track.

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