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Sailboaters or Power Boaters

Who spends the most money?

Annapolis has been bursting at the seams for the last two weeks. The sailboats left town on Monday night quickly replaced by the power boats. Did the money follow? There have always been rumors that the power boat guys spend the most money, but will they be spending it this year with the price of gas higher than the waves?

Baristas at Hard Bean Coffee and BookSellers at 36 Market Street, across from the now almost completely deserted City Market, revealed that on Sunday, October 12th during the Sailboat Show, they had their highest grossing day ever. Was it the beautiful weather, the happy sailboaters?

The real test will come this weekend. Will the Power Boaters outspend the Sailors? Who has the most spare change floating around?

The coffee barometer will be our benchmark. We're counting on the Hard Bean guys to let us know the state of the boating economy.

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