Save Money Mailing to New Clients


The nervousness in the economy is making everyone more careful with their spending but it is essential to keep growing your list of prospective new business. Here are some tips for making the most of your direct mail campaigns:

#1) Targeting the wrong prospects. Segmentation profiles and models provide sophisticated ways to ensure that you get the right direct mail offer to the right prospect. Combine search engine optimization metrics and new direct mail marketing techniques with good old-fashioned common sense when you are targeting offers.

#2) Not using an up-to-date list. Today, in the wake of consumer privacy concerns, having a clean list not only makes good business sense, but it can also help you make sure your marketing efforts don’t run afoul of the law. Keep lists current by following state and national rules related to privacy (visit You’ll save both time and money.

#3) Neglecting to use the magic words. Communication is more visual than ever, but in direct mail advertising, words still have a magic all their own. A number of specific words can help you create effective, response-generating messaging. Incorporate “You,” “New,” “Free,” “Now,” “Easy,” and “Guaranteed” into your copy with frequency.

#4)Measuring and tracking the wrong metrics. Click volume is easy to measure, but it’s generally a rather meaningless metric. Gross response rate is also too broad a number. Dig for more relevant measurements, such as acquisition cost per customer, or the conversion rate — the percentage who take your requested action after they’ve clicked through. Then adjust your approach based on these results.

Tips to improve your direct mail promotions from FuelNet Monthly.