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School counselors deal with bullying to bathroom passes

Counselor1WBy Allison Eatough

On a Friday morning as students pour into Lindale Middle School in Linthicum, one sixth-grade boy beelines for school counselor Andrea Portnoy’s office.

It’s the first month of school and he wants to switch his elective before it’s too late. Box Scores, a course on the origins of sports statistics, wasn’t what he expected, and he’s thinking maybe Music Goes Global will be better.

As the school’s sixth grade counselor, Portnoy must oversee all schedule changes.

“Did you bring your note?” Portnoy asks. The student hands over a parent-signed note requesting the change then heads off to class.

And so begins Portnoy’s day. Chesapeake Family recently spent half a day with Portnoy to see first-hand what life is like for a middle school counselor.


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