Book Review: See Dick Bite Jane


See Dick Bite Jane. Run, Jane, Run

seedickbikejanebooksFor those of us who grew up in the Dick-and-Jane era of learning-to-read-books, a new parenting book by Elise Mac Adam will hold immediate appeal. “See Dick Bite Jane: A Think and Do Book for Parenting Predicaments Big and Small” (Adams Media, $14.95) offers a common-sense approach to those vexing problems that inevitably arise when raising kids (or even when thinking about becoming pregnant).

Mac Adam, a writer, blogger etiquette expert and mother of two from New York City writes with a the kind of wisdom and insight each of us would like to have if we weren’t so close to the situation at hand. Naturally, it’s tough to be objective when strangers comment — unsolicited — on your pregnancy, your husband’s parents insist on giving your child verboten foods, or the pre-school teacher thinks your bundle of joy should see a mental health counselor.

Mac Adam takes a question-and-answer approach in offering well-thought-out solutions to common parenting problems. If you’re a fan of Carolyn Hax’s advice column in the Washington Post, then this book will likely hit the same buttons. As Mac Adam says, “This is the book you pick up when you want to know how to cope with the petty humiliations and hair-raising moments that come along with having kids.” In any case, the book makes for entertaining reading and may offer reassurance if only to show you that many other parents have problems that far outpace your own.

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