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Set the Mood: Turn Your Bedroom Into a Retreat

Our lives are so hectic, we long for a place where we can get away from it all– to read a book or simply to relax. This easy makeover will transform a tired bedroom into a retreat. You’ll create a welcoming and calming space with a new headboard plus window treatments, and layer with light to show off the new look.

This space needs flexible lighting that can change from functional to romantic. Bedside lamps are key for both nighttime reading and for when you need to find your way out of bed in the dark. If you prefer clutter-free nightstands, try ceiling-mounted hanging fixtures, which can also provide close-up reading light. For suspended lights, consider mounting the switch within arm’s length from the bed. Another great option is to mount swing-arm lamps on the wall, enabling you to focus that reading light right where you want it. Choose a 3-way bulb for the bedside lamps. The lowest level of light provides mood lighting, the middle level offers good ambient light and the highest level is ideal for reading.

Recessed downlights will supplement the bedside lamps. You may even consider dimmable lights—perhaps in the form of a wall-mounted sconce. This is great for mood-setting.

An overhead ceiling fan with lights can also add ambient light. It offers cool breezes in the summer and, when the blades are reversed, can re-circulate warm air above to the cooler area below. The lighting experts at GE recommend choosing a light bulb with a heavy duty filament to resist the vibration of the fan.  

You don’t need to purchase an expensive bed to add drama to the room. To create a headboard, hang a curtain rod and feed five tabbed curtain panels onto the frame. You’ll want three dark panels in the back with two lighter sheer panels gathered up front.

Dress the windows with light and dark curtain panels to mirror the look of the headboard.

Step-by-step directions follow below. For more information about choosing the right light bulb or for tips on lighting a variety of rooms in your home, visit gelighting.com.


  • Install curtain rod at desired height above bed. Width of curtain rod should mirror width of bed.
  • Feed alternate curtain tabs of each curtain through rod. Results should be three solid curtains layered behind two sheer curtains.
  • For window, layer remaining solid and sheer curtains for similar effect.
  • Complement the headboard and windows with matching bedding.
  • Complete the room by adding nightstands and 3-way bedside lamps.
  • In the bedroom, the lights in the ceiling fan were changed out for vibration-resistant ceiling fan bulbs.

Shopping List:

  • 5 same-color, tab-top curtain panels
  • 3 same-color, tab-top sheer curtain panels
  • 2 curtain rods
  • Duvet cover, sheets, bed skirt, shams, accent pillows, throw (to complement curtains)
  • 2 bedside lamps with 3-way light bulb capabilities
  • GE Reveal 3-way bulbs (50/100/150-watt recommended)
  • GE Reveal ceiling fan bulbs (60-watt recommended, if applicable)


Courtesy of Family Features

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