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She Becomes — One Moore Thing

She becomes. 

She chose to listen to herself again. 

She chose to see herself again. 

She decided to be done with her old unhealthy unraveling ways. 

She moved on from thoughts that kept her caged, messy and small. 

She forgave herself for her past mistakes. 

She thanked the hard spaces for all that they taught her. 

She held the people and dreams that she loved a little closer. 

She shed the layers that no longer served her new skin. 

She didn’t look back. 

She no longer held herself back. 

She moved. 

She moved her body, her energy, her hopes. 

She cleared her space to make more room for peace and bigger ideas. 

She decided to point her arrow upward. 

She transformed her pain into power. 

She owned her magic. 

She was done with apologizing for all that made her her. 

She trusted the rhythm of her life. 

She knew that she was born to turn ash into fire. 

She took a deep breath. 

And she at last became all that she was always meant to be.

Katie has a new book out that is a collection of quotes and mic drops to embrace your inner warrior. “Girl Power” is available now on Amazon and is the perfect gift for all the warriors in your world. You can find out more details and book signing info on her instagram @katieyackleymoore. Endless thanks for reading. Xo

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MooreFam SKatie Yackley Moore is a freelance writer, real estate agent, yoga instructor and a momma of four navigating life and a separation and finding herself in the process. She adores coffee shops, laughing until it hurts and impromptu dance parties. Her work has appeared on Scary Mommy, Mamalode and HuffPost Parents. She has published a journal entitled “Dream a Bigger Dream” and the children’s books “You Are a Warrior” and “We are Family” and just finished her first novel. Catch up with her between tea breaks at The Naked Mommaand on Facebook.

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