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Should Chesapeake Family be reviewing R rated movies?

TheWorldsEnd ChesapeakeFamilyMovieReviewDo you let your kids watch R rated movies? This is a question we asked on Facebook last week to figure out if we should be reviewing more R rated movies on our Parent Movie Review blog.

Up until now we have only been reviewing R rated movies that we think parents may consider taking teens to. This month, we chose not to review “Riddick” because of the violence but Roxana Hadadi, our movie blogger, happen to go to the movie on her own time and saw several families in the theater with boys under 10.

“The family sitting next to us was a grandmother and two boys, probably ages around 7 and 9, who she made cover their eyes during the sex scenes but the violence was totally fine to watch!” Hadadi said. “In retrospect, I wish I had ended up reviewing that one, since clearly parents were taking their young kids anyway.”

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