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Six Annapolis area students overcome odds to graduate

GradCarinaLopezEscobarWCarina Lopez Escobar, Annapolis High School

Carina Lopez Escobar, 20, has had a unique path to graduation. At age 16 she dropped out of high school due to personal issues. A year-and-a-half later, she returned to school on her own accord.

Without going into detail, Carina describes her childhood, beginning at age 5, as “really, really rough and traumatizing.” Halfway through high school, Carina decided to take time off of school to deal with the issues from her past that she had not previously sought help for.

“I did what I had to do, and then I realized that I needed to come back to school because I have dreams I want to accomplish,” Carina says.

What makes her return to school even more amazing is her lack of educational support at home.

” It’s hard because my parents have never pushed me to get good grades or supported me in school,” Carina says. “During the year and a half that I dropped out, I learned that I have to do things for myself and not for others.”

Carina says the support of her teachers and friends have been vital to her success. She recites her senior quote as inspiration for students who are struggling: “Pick a rock in the dark, and tomorrow it will shine in the light.”

“Get all the help you can now,” Carina explains, “because in the future, that help is going to be like gold to you.”

Carina plans to attend community college and then a four-year university to study law enforcement.

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