Carve It App 2

Carve It App 2Looking for some Halloween fun on your phone for you and the kids? Here are six free Halloween phone apps to get you set for the season.

SKIT! by Storytime Studios
Create creepy Halloween animated videos using photos, GIFs, voice and sound effects with SKIT! It’s all done in a fun, simple and intuitive way using SKIT’s powerful editing tools, accessed with the swipe of a fingertip. Whether you conjure up Freddie Krueger battling Jason Voorhees, choreograph Zombies dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or reveal your own encounter with Paranormal Activity, you direct the action. After choosing backgrounds, characters, mood and special effects, the user narrates and creates an animated skit, and then spooks friends and family by sharing on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and through text messaging, as well with the whole SKIT! community.

Carve It! (Halloween) Free by Redrom Interactive
Who doesn’t love carving pumpkins? But then again, who enjoys scooping out the sticky, gooey guts? With the Carve It! app, you can carve your pumpkin without the mess, and with the added benefit that your masterpieces won’t ever rot or end up out in squashed in the street. Bit if you do plan on carving, Carve It! makes a great tool for working out the details of your designs. You’ve only got one shot with a real pumpkin, but with Carve It! you can carve endlessly, and save all your creations to the gallery to enjoy for years to come.


The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself by AMC
Now you can transform yourself into a walker zombie with The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself app. It’s a photo booth style app that is simple to use and fun to watch the zombie transformation. Grab one of your portrait photos, set the customizable options, then watch in amazement as you are transformed into a photo-realistic zombie abomination. The app uses spine-chilling zombie eyes, mouths, and props from the show to make share-worthy photos that will spook all your Instagram friends.

Free True Ghost Stories by Joe KwonDead Yourself App 2
Who doesn’t love telling (and listening) to creepy ghost stories by a campfire? True Ghost Stories is a massive collection of scary stories — the weird, the frightening and the horrid — as told by regular people. The ghost stories in this app are user submitted, and you can submit your own. Thousands and thousands of creepy narratives are submitted from all over the world, as users recount their strangest and most harrowing tales. Do you have what it takes to spook the masses and crack the Top 10?

Free Halloween Sounds Pro by Dream Injector
Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween unless you scare the bejezus out of someone. Want to scare the couple in the next booth? Any interest in making your classmates wet their pants? With Halloween Sounds Pro you can play cruel (but harmless) pranks on friends and enemies alike. With the Timer Trickeration option, you pick a creepy sound, set the timer, hide your device and walk away. When the timer hits zero, watch as the screams ensue on unsuspecting fools. And with Bluetooth Bufoonery mode, you control a second device remotely, so you can hide one device and click away on the other from a safe distance.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 By PopCap
Ready for some mindless zombie fun? In this epic botanical sequel, the zombies, led by Dr. Zomboss, have returned, this time with the hope of creating an alternate timeline where zombies are the dominant species. Gamers battle legions of zombies by amassing an army of powerful plants. Supercharge them with Plant Food and power up your defenses with amazing ways to protect your brain.