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Skin Cancer Prevention and Sun Safety Tips for Your Family

Skin Cancer Incidence in Maryland

According to Roberta M. Herbst, program manager of the Maryland Skin Cancer Prevention Program at the Center for a Healthy Maryland, an affiliate of MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society, approximately 1,300 people in Maryland are expected to be diagnosed with melanoma this year.

“Skin cancer is the most common cancer, but it’s preventable because we know what causes it,” says Herbst. “Our organization focuses on helping children become sun aware. It’s so important to begin sun safety education when children are young, so they develop good habits and carry them into adulthood. Parents and teachers play a vital role in accomplishing this. And we are making an impact. It’s a great feeling when parents tell me that their child has never had a single sunburn.”

Maryland is also making strides in deterring minors from using tanning beds. In October 2008, a law went into effect that requires minors to have in-person parental consent in order to use a tanning bed. And in 2009, Howard County banned the use of tanning beds for minors, making it the first location in the nation to implement such a strict restriction on indoor tanning facilities.

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