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Smart Marketing Recap

This week we invited advertisers and local businesses to attend Chesapeake Family's Smart Marketing: Words that Sell sessions in our Annapolis office. CF Head Honcho Donna Jefferson led the lively and engaging discussion to a diverse crowd of businesses in the industries of education, health, hospitality, entertainment, consumer sciences, tutoring, real estate, food service and dance instruction.

Donna explained how the right words can make the difference between grabbing someone’s attention and having them turn the page. Samples were provided so the group had some concrete tangible items to take-home and work with to help them pinpoint their message and create an engaging advertisement. The entire CF staff was present to offer expert advice about marketing and ad design. A question and answer period followed the half-hour session that turned into a unique business networking and brainstorming session well received by all.

We appreciate everyone who attended our Smart Marketing: Words that Sell session and look forward to bringing you more. After all, the staff of Chesapeake Family understands the more successful you are, the more successful we are and we are dedicated to helping you grow your business.

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