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Social Thinking Groups Forming at The Children’s SPOT

Is your child frustrated with navigating the ever changing social world? The Children’s Spot Inc. offers a solid solution with affordable, convenient Social Thinking™ groups.

The Children’s Spot Inc. is currently looking to form groups for children grades 1 through 9 who are experiencing difficulty with social skills. Children will be grouped by age and ability.

“If you know your child is struggling in social situations, if he or she has difficulty playing with other children, making friends and picking up on social queues or if they have trouble resolving conflicts with peers these Social Thinking ™ groups can help. With the help of trained therapists leading fun activities, kids can begin to learn how to behave and interact appropriately with others in a safe and fun environment,” stated Angela Liston, Occupational Therapist and co-owner of The Children’s SPOT Inc.

ChildrensSpotSocial Thinking ™ groups are scheduled to begin in March and will run for 7 weeks. The groups are run by professionals with a vast amount of experience working with children with special needs; these specialists include an occupational therapist, a board certified behavior analyst and a speech therapist.

Classes will include work with expected and unexpected behaviors, how to evaluate larger problems versus smaller problems, and how a child’s behavior influences how they are treated by others. The groups will also address co-operative play, flexible thinking, becoming a “social detective” as well as many other social skills. Throughout the one hour class there will be group discussions, hands on games and activities.

The ideal candidate for the group sessions are children and adolescents diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, PDD-NOS, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, language disorders or auditory processing disorder. These classes are designed for children who have adequate verbal skills to hold a conversation. Prior to the first session, each participant and a parent will meet with a therapist for a screening. This process ensures placement in an appropriate group, dependent on each child’s needs and abilities. Hence, allowing the therapist to provide services that meet the individual needs of the child within a group setting.

About The Children’s Spot:
Located in Elkridge, Maryland, The Children’s Spot Inc. is a unique therapy group offering multiple services for children with a variety of cognitive disorders and developmental delays including Autism Spectrum Disorder in one location. The Children’s Spot Inc. offers Speech, Occupational, and ABA therapy programs by therapists with extensive experience and success working with children in need of early intervention services through to young adulthood in the areas of augmentative and alternative communication, apraxia, articulation, receptive and expressive language disorders, gross and fine motor delays, handwriting, auditory processing, sensory dysfunction, behavior modification, academic instruction, vocational training and more.

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