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Spend a Day with the Coolest Animals at the National Aquarium

Sponsored editorial from the National Aquarium

Step out of the summer heat to spend a day with the coolest animals anywhere. Aquatic adventure beckons at the National Aquarium, where you’ll find nearly 20,000 animals in award winning habitats right in Baltimore’s bustling Inner Harbor. If you’ve never visited the National Aquarium – or even if it’s just been a while – you’ll be amazed at the wondrous worlds awaiting your entire family.

Effortlessly journey from the depths of the ocean to the canopy of the rain forest and beyond, spotting a 500-pound green sea turtle in the colorful, Indo-Pacific habitat of Blacktip Reef. Explore the sights, sounds and species of Australia’s rugged Northern Territory. Descend to the depths with various shark species in Shark Alley. Get hands-on with sleek Atlantic stingrays and pulsing moon jellies in the two expansive touchpools of our Living Seashore exhibit. At every turn, you’ll encounter fish, birds, reptiles and mammals – each a living steward of the National Aquarium’s mission to inspire conservation of the world’s aquatic treasures. TouchPond Clearnose.Skate

Use the Aquarium’s website – aqua.org – to dive a little deeper by upgrading your admission with a themed, guided tour. From treasure hunts for your youngest explorers to a walk along the catwalk above Shark Alley for the bravest guests, the Aquarium offers an extensive menu of special experiences sure to delight even veteran visitors. Looking for the ultimate National Aquarium experience? Stretch your visit – and skip the hotel bill – by planning ahead to spend the night in our galleries!

Upgrade your admission and have a seat in the 4-D Immersion Theater, combining a 3-D movie experience with the sensations of movement, scent, breeze and mist – or bubbles! – for kids of all ages. Even the most jaded teenager is bound to crack a smile. Throughout your day, you’ll run into aquarists and experts with some of the animals they care for on hand for regularly scheduled animal encounters.

The Aquarium is fully accessible and is an easy walk from ample local parking, which can be discounted with proper validation (visit aqua.org/visit for specific facilities). On-site dining is even available at Harbor Market Kitchen, featuring fresh, delicious snacks and meals. With amenities like these in the midst of one of the nation’s top three aquariums, it is no surprise that the National Aquarium was voted Chesapeake Family’s Best Day Trip and Best Museum for 2016. Learn more, purchase tickets and plan your visit at aqua.org.

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