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Spend the Day at Six Flags America – Summer Fun

100 Days of Summer - Day 60

Visit Six Flags America for a fun day of rides and waterslides, and check out the amusement park’s newest attractions.

Ride the Firebird, a floorless coaster takes you on nine-story drop before thrilling loop and corkscrew inversions, plus a figure-eight finale, on more than half a mile of track. Other Thrill Rides include the Harley Quinn Spinsanity, the Batwing Coaster, and Superman Ride of Steel.

The Firebird is in addition to the tallest attraction in Maryland, WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth extreme swing ride. This ride stands at 240-feet whisking riders through the air at speeds up to 40 mph. WONDER WOMAN gives riders a spectacular view of the park and Maryland landscapes. You must be 44 inches tall to ride.

If the day starts to heat up, head over to the attached water park to enjoy the Wahoo River. Additional attractions such as Tornado and The Penguins River Blizzard offer a fun way to keep kids cool and entertained. Parents can enjoy lounge chairs and umbrellas on the deck surrounding the attraction while the kids play.

Park hours vary so check the website as you plan your visit. Buy online tickets in advance to avoid lines and save money with online-only offers. Season passes and memberships will get you significant discounts.

For more information, visit the Six Flags America website.

For a daily dose of summer fun, explore our 100 Days of Summer page or search our daily calendar of events.

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