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SPHS Senior Fundraising For Eastport Elementary

In the spring, when students were adjusting to virtual learning and no extracurriculars, many were focusing on the negatives. However, one Severna Park High School senior is using his time and talents to create a T-shirt fundraiser for Eastport Elementary School.

Erin Jacobs’s son Braden is creative. “When it was clear that the schools were shutting down in March, Braden decided to find something positive to do, rather than complain about what he couldn’t do,” says Jacobs. “We encouraged him to use the resources he had available to him to do something helpful for others.” 

Braden is studying engineering at Severna Park High School. While trying to find a way to get involved in the community, he thought about how he might be able to do something interesting for a local school by designing a STEM-related project. He learned Eastport Elementary School was engaging in a major playground overhaul and thought he may be able to help. 

He spoke with the group leading the project. Braden learned they are actually developing outdoor classrooms. He thought a weather station would be the perfect way to incorporate STEM into the project. Next step: fundraising! 

Braden’s family owns Carrol’s Creek, which is located across the street from Eastport Elementary School. His family has agreed to a T-shirt sale through the restaurant to raise money.  

Local artist Liz Lind’s artwork is displayed throughout the restaurant, including one particular piece that caught Braden’s eye. Jacobs says, “Braden contacted Liz Lind about an image she had previously done that is a view from the deck of the restaurant and asked if she would give permission for him to use it on the t-shirt. She loved the idea and agreed. It tied Eastport in nicely.” 

After sourcing the T-shirts locally and working with a vendor to complete the design, the T-shirts are now available for purchase. 100% of the proceeds will help to build the outdoor classrooms.

The T-shirt is available through pre-order until September 25 here. The cost ranges from $20–$21.50. Pre-orders will be available for pick up on October 13 at Carrol’s Creek during business hours. They can also be picked up on October 17 at Whitehurst Clubhouse in Severna Park from 10–11 a.m. Additional shirts will be for sale at Carrol’s Creek for those who did not pre-order starting October 13 until they sell out. 

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