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Sponsored Editorial supplied by Oasis: The Center for Mental Health

If you break your leg, you know where to go for emergency treatment. But what if you or a family member has a mental health crisis?

Have a sore throat after medical practices are closed? No problem; there are many choices for medical treatment near you on holidays and after hours. We have all been familiar with after-hours "urgent care" for more than 30 years.

But what do you do if you have a panic attack? Or have depression that keeps you from going to work? Maybe you have a child who refuses to go to school because of high anxiety. What do you do?


In the past, the local emergency room has been the catch-all for after-hours urgent care for medical as well as mental health. If you've been there you know -- it's not the best place to seek treatment for anxiety and depression.

Oasis: The Center for Mental Health in Annapolis now offers an alternative when you need treatment fast: Saturday morning walk-in hours from 9 a.m. to noon. We believe we are the first privately-owned mental health facility in the area to offer treatment over the weekend without an appointment.

Our goal for our patients is to stabilize their symptoms of anxiety and depression. Our therapist will create a "toolbox" to address symptoms, help develop a support system, and guide the patient towards further treatment as needed.OasisMentalHealth

We opened Oasis Mental Health in 2004 to provide timely access to high quality mental health care without the typical long wait for appointments. We strive to see our patients within 48 to 72 hours on weekdays until 10 pm. Now, with Saturday walk-in hours, we've taken accessibility to the next level.

We hope this new service will go a long way toward meeting the need for urgent mental health care in our community.

Oasis: The Center for Mental Health, is located at 175 Adm. Cochrane Dr., Suite 110, in Annapolis. Contact us for more information: 410-571-0888 or

Kathy L. Miller MA, LCPC

Kathy Miller is the owner of Oasis: The Center for Mental Health,


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