Spring Cleaning Series: Can Cleaning Spark Joy?


What a time to get organized! Everyone is jumping on the Japanese cleaning guru Marie Kondo declutter craze. She is transforming lives everywhere with her unique outlook on tidying up.

Marie was a hit first with her Magic of Tidying Up manual and then with her Tidying Up Netflix series.

Here are a few tips Marie Kondo style to get you started on your spring cleaning along with some products to get better organized with while on your cleaning journey:


1. Make sure everything has its own place.

    Organize your most frequented areas of your home and label bins and baskets to hold everyday items.


2. Get rid of papers

    Most papers are available digitally now. So get rid of old bills and old warranties laying around.


3. Don’t pile things

    Kondu teaches to store things vertically in drawers and closet shelves. This works well for bath towels, tea towels, tee shirts, and more. You can see everything at a glance using this method. Doing this also makes finding kids clothes to wear a dream come true.


4. Only keep items that bring you joy

    Kondu encourages you to only keep belongings that “spark joy.” If you pick up an item and ask that question, you will know the answer immediately.


5. Keep small change in your wallet

    When you find loose change around the house, don’t put it in a piggy bank never to be used, slide it in your wallet and spend it.


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Adjustable Drawer Organizers

Kondo is a big proponent for organzing things vertically so these organizers will come in handy for the bedroom, kitchen, office and more. Comes with 2 boxes with adjustable dividers, 1 deep box with no dividers (so your bras don’t get squished,) and 3 bonus 5-grid boxes with fixed dividers. $22.99


Makeup Organizer

This makeup organizer can double for an office supplier holder as well. $20.97


Rosegold Hanging File

Kondo says no to papers but if you happen to need to keep a few piles of paper around, make them look good with this rosegold hanging file. $19.99



Farmhouse Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

Cute and clean can go hand-in-hand with this cute mason jar storage solution. $45.00


Airtight Pet Food Container

The perfect solution for storing pet food. $21.99


Mop & Broom Holder Wall Hanger

Everything has a place, even your cleaning supplies and garden tools. $13.97



Portable Home Organizer

This thing slides in that weird gap in between your counter and fridge, the perfect place to use as an extra storage solution. $41.95


Kitchen Pans Organizer

Clean up the cabinet clutter with this pan organizer. $18.99

Under Sink Organizer

What lives under your kitchen sink?  Mine is a mixture of plastic bags, sponges, and cleaning supplies, this is the perfect solution to keep everything I need in reach and it leaves room for your plumbing pipes by having adjustable shelves that slide. $17.95

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