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Spring Cleaning Series: Where to donate and sell your items

If you have read our Spring Cleaning Series posts (Can Cleaning Spark Joy) and (5 Day Declutter Challenge), then you have already Marie Kondo’d your house and things are put away and organized sparking joy everywhere. Now you are left with bags of items to throw away, donate, or sell. 

We have rounded up some resources to help you get your items to where they need to go. So mark your bags and get your items to where they need to go so they can spark joy for someone else.


Places to sell your items online


You can list up to 50 items a month for free, and eBay takes a 10-percent fee on the final sale.

FB Marketplace

List free of charge and arrange shipment or pick up directly.


For sales under $15, Poshmark takes a $2.95 commission and you keep the rest. And for sales over $15, Poshmark takes 20 percent of the sale.

Thred Up

You’ll get a payout after your items sell, and you can edit the price of a listed item at any time.


Do People Still Have Garage Sales?

There are so many places now to sell items online but then you have to deal with packaging them and shipping them off. With a good old fashioned garage sale, no one has to worry about that. All you need is a day of preperation and a few other things.

Garage sales will take a full day from you but its a fun social way to make some sales and connect with your community. Here are some tips to help you set up your own garage sale:

  1. Pick a date
  2. Grab permits if needed
  3. Visit other yard sales to get an idea on pricing items
  4. Post signs announcing your garage sale on Facebook and around your town in common places like post offices
  5. Start grouping items together and putting price stickers on them
  6. Make sure you have change, small bills, a calculator and chair on hand for the big day
  7. Plan to donate whatever you didn’t sell

Garage Sale Supplies

Click the pictures to shop the page.

Start with a table to display your merchandise. Allocating a checkout table can be very helpful. $44.98

Grab a fanny pack or arpon to keep your money collected and change in. $15.96


Pre-priced stickers will make things go a lot faster. $9.99


A calculator is a must, one that prints receipts is even better. $29.08

Bags & Boxes will make things a breeze for your customers. $20.99

Get the word out in your neighborhood and draw attention to your sale the day of using signs. $23.99


Click the pictures to shop the page.


Places to Donate your items

Before you pack your trunk full of bags for donation, consider using Green Drop, which will come to your house and pick up all of your donated items for Free! You can choose a charity to donate your items to, schedule your pickup time, and Green Drop does the rest. Choose from the National Federation for the Blind, Purple Heart, St. Vincent De Paul, or the American Red Cross.

If you’d prefer to donate locally, here are some places you can drop your items off for donation:


1605 West St Annapolis (410) 269-1302

Goodwill is a long-standing nonprofit chain with a range of pre-owned clothing, furniture, housewares & more.

Salvation Army

351 Hilltop Ln Annapolis (410) 263-4091

Salvation Army beleives in “Doing The Most Good.” In these four words, their mission is – to feed, to clothe, to comfort, to care.

Return to Oz

2011 W St Annapolis (410) 266-9390

Return to Oz is a local consignment shop committed to consignment: reducing and reusing, as well as making and saving money while donating the surplus back to the community.


The Freecycle Network is a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns.

If you have any suggestions on where to sell or donate items let us know on social media here.

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