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Standout Students: Addison Shreve

Addison is an honor student at St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Pasadena. Every morning the 7th grader helps her mother, who works at the school, tend to the preschoolers in the before care program.

Addison likes to work with younger children to show all of them are talented—whether it is in dance, drawing, writing, or another way that they haven’t yet discovered.

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But while Addison enjoys working with children, her true passion is BMX bike racing. Addison has been racing BMX since she was 4, when, after watching her brothers race, wanted to know when she would be allowed to compete.

Her father told her she was welcome to try, and as long as she could make it around the track without falling, she could compete. Well, she made it around the track, and it was evident that it’s where she’s meant to be.

Not long after she began racing, Addison broke her arm and the next morning, her parents found her, complete with full cast up to her shoulder, riding around the front yard. The day after she got her cast off she competed in the Nationals.

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Addison traveled to the Netherlands to race at age 8. She is now sponsored on the Clayborn/Answer BMX team both because of her skill and her humbleness and representation of her team on and off of the track. She typically spends 5 to 6 days a week training and races nearly every weekend. She enjoys the traveling to races; she’s been to California, New Mexico, Niagara Falls, Ohio and a host of other cities across the country. She will soon be in Tulsa, Ok., for the Grand National Championship weekend, which she has made it to the last eight years running.

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