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Standout Students: Emma Christie

Emma Christie has been a volunteer at Kinder Farm Park in Severna Park for the past three years and has been an outstanding volunteer.

According to Roy Fielder, the Friends of Kinder Farm Park livestock coordinator, “she is a tremendous ambassador for our program and our animals at the park.” Not only does she milk a cow every day, she is always willing to explain and teach people about how and where milk comes from. She also tends to goats and

Emma ran the “plant a seed” booth at Kinder Farm’s “Meet The Kids” day last spring. “I am most proud of her for her work with a local elementary school,” Fielder says. During the kids’ visit, she gave a speech to them about the park’s program and animals. She was in contact with school administrators planning her speech but also arranged a tour of our Park for all the children involved in the fundraiser.

IMG 1205

Emma also spends time working on fundraising for Kinder Farm and for the Pregnancy Clinic in Severna Park. She sells her own glass-blown pendant creations as an ongoing fundraising effort for the clinic, as well as growing her own flowers for a flower fundraiser for the clinic.

glass blowinglr

flower saleslr

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