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Start School Later prepares for another school year

Early start bad for disadvantaged kids

The group also combined forces with The Lloyd Society, which works with at-risk kids, on a forum on sleep and at-risk kids held in Montgomery County this past year. The hope is to make a video of the forum available to the general public.

“Disadvantaged kids suffer more than others with the early hours and early dismissals,” Ziporyn Snider said.

This year, the Anne Arundel County chapter of Start School Later is going to be focusing on the county’s superintendent search.

“We see this as a great opportunity,” Ziporyn Snider said. “No school system has ever moved back to more traditional hours without the support of the superintendent. We need the whole community behind this to make it work, and the first step is a supportive superintendent.”

According to Ziporyn Snider, communities often resist later school start times because of concerns over day care availability, time for homework, after school jobs, compromised sports programs and added costs.

“These fears are very powerful but they are wrong,” Ziporyn Snider said. “When schools change, everything shifts to accommodate the change.”

For details on the Start School Later movement visit the website at startschoollater.net

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