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Starting Friday AACPS To Live Stream Gym and Stadium Sports!

Anne Arundel County Public Schools is the first school system in Maryland to offer live game action from all of its stadiums and gyms. 

No longer will out of town family and friends have to miss a game or meet! So whether Grandma lives in Utah, mom is deployed to Germany, or Dad’s flight home was cancelled at the last minute, they can still tune in to the action for whether it be football, soccer, volleyball, or any other sport held in a county gym or stadium. Starting Friday, September 6, 2019, Anne Arundel County Public Schools will stream varsity and junior varsity athletic events. This initiative affords anyone interested in AACPS athletics to watch games not just from anywhere in the US, but from anywhere in the world.

nfhsIn partnership with the National Federation of High Schools Network, AACPS has installed state-of-the-art cameras in all stadiums and gyms. The cameras, manufactured by Pixellot, operate on motion-detection technology that allows a single stack of lenses to follow the action and broadcast the entire width of a football field or basketball court.

Games will be broadcast on the NFHS Network, available at NFHSNetwork.com. A page with links to all high school broadcast pages can be found at aacps.org/athleticsbroadcasts.

Monthly and annual subscriptions through the NFHS Network allow subscribers to view contests not just from Anne Arundel County, but from all participating high schools across the United States.

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