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Still part of a playgroup after all these years — FranklyStein

My loneliest time in life was after the birth of my first child.

I took time off of work to stay home with Maggie, and I wasn’t prepared for the withdrawal I felt from daily adult interaction. I loved Maggie dearly and loved being a mom, but it was incredibly hard and the days were long and lonely. Let’s face it, babies don’t make great company.

Eventually, I found friends in similar situations and in time, we started a playgroup. Over the years, it grew and evolved. Friends had babies and joined, others left when their kids started school or they went back to work. At one point, we incorporated a Bible study and invited multiple generations. There were moms with tots like me, older women whose children were in school and even grandmothers. These women were a wealth of information and shared a great deal of knowledge key to a new mom. They taught me everything from how to deal with a willful child to ways to preserve my relationship with my husband. They helped me laugh when I was ready to cry and shared stories that helped me realized I was not alone. I developed into the mother I am, in part, thanks to these women.

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