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Summer Celebrations – Teens and Alcohol

Spring and summer bring us many reasons to celebrate! Proms, graduations, picnics, festivals everywhere. This is a fun time of year, yet we need to keep in mind how to be safe during these celebratory events.

Teen Drinking


Our young adults will need our guidance, please keep the lines of communication open. When it comes right down to it, YOU are the adult and the parent, and as your kids get older, you have to assert your authority even more. Easy? No, but no one ever promised it would be.

Acknowledge there will be parties, but talk now about making sound choices. The brain is still developing until the age of 25. They NEED your guidance.

As adults we should keep ourselves available if a call comes in and your young adult is in a difficult situation. Don’t judge and don’t lecture, help them before a detrimental decision is made.

Did you know: Alcohol-fueled motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death among 18 – 24 year-olds. You can show your support for safe driving!

Resources Every Parent Can Benefit From:

  • How parents can help teens celebrate fun parties safely. Learn more
  • How to talk ‘buzzed’ driving prevention. Learn more
  • “Alex and Calvin’s Law” – Your penalties for providing alcohol to underage drinkers. Learn more
  • Don’t drink and Drive. Don’t do drugs and drive. AND don’t host an underage drinking party. Parents who host lose the most. Learn More

An important message from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).


Article provided by New Life Addiction Counseling and Mental Health Services.

New Life Addiction Counseling & Mental Health Services provides outpatient treatment (including detox, if needed) for those struggling with substance abuse and drug and alcohol addiction, as well as for those with mental health issues. With an emphasis on total abstinence from alcohol and drugs, our treatment services are designed to motivate clients to develop strategies through education, self-awareness, therapy and counseling, and participation in specialized groups – strengthening life skills so they can successfully manage life’s struggles moving forward. For more information call 410-255-4475 or email info@newlifeacs.com

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