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Summer Fun: Challenge Your Family to an Escape Room

100 Days of Summer: Day 10

Enlist your family for a real-life brain teaser as you work together on a fun escape room adventure! Great for when you need break from outside, you can head to one of the escape rooms in the Annapolis area.

What are Escape Rooms

These mystery driven puzzles have become super popular in the last few years. The idea is quite simple and even kids as young as 6 can join in. Each room has a themed story and it is filled with objects around that theme. It may be the study of an explorer or the lab of a mad scientist. You are given 60 minutes to follow clues and solve puzzles that are found within the room in order to open the exit door. Your room will have a staff member or monitor outside to help you get started and assist if you get stuck on a clue.

If you don’t escape before time is up, the monitor will come in and explain the rest of the clues. These are great at getting groups to work together for a common goal. Check out the escape rooms below that are near the Annapolis area.

Mission Escape Rooms

Jason Cherry, the founder of Mission Escape Rooms—Maryland’s largest escape room venue, which includes 11 Mission Escape Rooms, across three locations in Annapolis, Waugh Chapel and Arundel Mills—believes the idea of an escape room is to try and make you feel like you’re actually in the of a real-life game of clue!
Locations: Annapolis, Waugh Chapel and Arundel Mills
Hours: vary per location

Escape Time Escape Rooms

Founded in 2018 by Jose Matos & Russell Paterno, Escape Time was created with the goal of providing the community with a fun and unique experience. You can find their original stories and fun puzzles at two locations in the region.
Locations: Annapolis and Severna Park
Hours: Wednesday: 5pm-Close, Thursday & Friday:3pm – 10pm, Saturday:11am – 10pm, Sunday:11am – 8pm

For a daily dose of summer fun, explore our 100 Days of Summer page or search our daily calendar of events.

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