Make history fun for your kids by visiting the Baltimore Streetcar Museum. Learn a little about Baltimore while taking unlimited rides on authentic streetcars.

MuseumsStreetCarWBefore the widespread use of automobiles, streetcars were essential to the workings of city life, and Baltimore was no exception. Streetcars, also known as trams or trolleys, are vehicles that operate on rails in urban areas.

“Without streetcars, Baltimore would have never grown the way it did,” says museum volunteer Jerry Kelly. “Streetcars allowed expansion throughout the city and surrounding counties.”

Today, visitors can appreciate the charm of the beautifully restored cars by riding on various models on the mile and half of track operable from the museum just north of the city. Inside the visitors’ center and museum, see an authentic dispatcher’s office and streetcar mock-up, complete with a built-in theater. Browse the historic displays, a timeline and photos documenting the streetcar’s role in the development of Baltimore City.

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Admission: Adults $10, children $8, children under 4 free. Includes unlimited rides on authentic streetcars as well as museum admission.

Hours: Sundays (March-December): noon-5 p.m., Saturdays (June-October) noon-5 p.m.
Phone: 410-547-0264

For more information, visit the Baltimore Streetcar Museum website.

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