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Summer Fun—Day 28: Build a Sprayground

Beat the humidity this summer by creating a backyard sprinkler paradise with a few tools and a little creativity.

What child doesn’t love a sprinkler on a hot summer’s day? It’s always fun to break out the kiddie pool, but you can add new life to backyard splashing by making a sprinkler spray ground with PVC pipes.

DIY Sprinkler relay 15
A google search will bring you to hundreds of unique homemade sprinkler systems (we really liked this one, picutred on the right, from lilluna.com, which also has a great tutorial), but the main concept remains the same for each:

Drill holes (at different angles, so the water sprays in multiple directions) in PVC pipes, and then connect the pipes with 90-degree PVC elbow joints and PVC T-connections. Place PVC caps on the ends not used, and be sure to allow enough height and width in the PVC frame for children to comfortably run through. Don’t have PVC pipes on hand? Get creative; an old hula hoop hooked up to a hose with holes drilled in the side can work just as well in a pinch. In no time, everyone will be cooling off and having a blast.

pool noodle water sprinklerAnd don’t forget pool noodles! There are oodles of ways to use these fun summer toys to make sprinklers or water obstacles. We really enjoy this one from Ziggityzoomzoom.

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