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Summer Fun, Day 31: Sponge Ball Craft

Water balloon fights are a staple of summer time fun, but it can get old quick with filling balloon after balloon and then cleaning up the mess in the lawn afterwards. So when we stumbled upon these sponge balls, we jumped at the chance to try them out.

It’s a pretty straightforward craft that goes quick and the kids can help. Here is what you need:

Sponge Ball Supplies
  • rectangle sponges (2 per sponge ball). We used ones that have no scrub pad.
  • rubber bands (you can also use string or yarn)
  • scissors

Cut into four strips

Step 1

Cut each sponge into 4 long, equal strips.

Step 2 arrange 8 strips

Step 2

Arrange eight strips into a stack of four pieces on the bottom, four on top. (The kids like to make their own color combinations)

Tie strips together

Step 3

Take a rubber band and wrap it around the middle of the stack a few times to make it tight.

form the strips into balls

Step 4

Separate the strips to form the ball.

Now grab a couple buckets of water and let the battle begin!

Note: After our water fights, we wring out the sponges and let them dry in the sun or somewhere in the house. Once they’re dry, we store them until the next battle.

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