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Summer Fun, Day 8: Backyard Feeders and Binoculars

While school’s still “in” and while many kids are spending their outdoor time in backyards and local parks, why not spend some time paying attention to the birds we see at home!

For these simple 100 Days of Summer crafts, make your own birdfeeder or your own kids binoculars out of recycled materials!

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Birdfinder Binoculars
Encourage your kids to look out the window and find feathered friends in the yard. These toilet paper roll binoculars make it even more fun!


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 Reuse the Tube!

This recycled craft from the National Aquarium is perfect for bird-loving kiddos! 


kids milk juice carton bird feeder 756x1024

Milk Carton Bird Feeder:
Milk or Orange Juice carton 
Non-toxic poster paint
Stapler and staples
Hole punch
Yarn or string
1.Wash and dry the carton.
2. Cut a small section from side of the carton and then staple the top opening closed.
3. Paint the container, if desired. Let it dry.
4. Skewer a dowel rod through just under the opening for the birds to perch on. 
5. Poke a hole in the middle of the top of the carton, and thread a piece of yarn or string through it to use as a hanger. Make sure the feeder hangs where branches will not rub against it, but also where it is still somewhat hidden in the tree’s leaves.
6. Add birdseed and hang the feeder. 

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