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Summer Fun Day #8: Make something out of paper mache

Help the kids make and decorate a paper mache sculpture. 

PaperMachePaper mache is a cheap and fun craft that allows kids to create their own sculpture. To save on expensive crafting materials, you can make your own homemade paper mache out of flour, water, and newspaper. 

Mix flour and water in a bowl until it has a goopy consistency and then dip in strips of newspaper. Balloons make a great base to cover with the paper mache strips. Be sure to keep the surface as smooth as possible for easy decorating, and cover the surface of the balloon in three layers of paper mache, to make sure it is sturdy and will hold up on its own. 

Once the paper mache dries, pop the balloon and let your child’s imagination run wild with painting and decorating. A balloon that is half covered could become a mask, while a balloon that is completely covered could be a dragon’s egg or an animal. Googly eyes, polka dots, glitter: anything goes!

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