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Summer Fun Day #2: Take a nature walk

Take the kids on a nature walk through your neighborhood or a nearby park.

Nautre Walk KidsIt’s great physical activity for the whole family, and can provide a learning experience as well. As you walk, collect leaves from a few different types of trees and identify them when you get home with the help of the Maryland At A Glance website. You can also have the kids hunt for wildflowers and identify them with the help of the U.S. Wildflower website.

You can plan an art project when you return with the items the kids collect. Check out how this works in our Mommy Daze blog.

If the kids need to be enticed to go on the walk, come up with a scavenger hunt to make it more exciting. Make a list of various items from nature they might find on the hike and have them check them off as they find them. You could make this a competition or work together as a family. Items on the list could include such things as a pinecone, twig in the shape of a Y, locust shell, anthill, brown leaf etc. The items could either be collected or pictures taken to verify that the item was found. Also be on the lookout for interesting animals: owls, lizards, and turtles are just a few of the more unusual creatures that can be found in your own backyard.

For more fun check out our calendar of events.

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