Super Mom— Reader Nominated Awesome Moms

Thank you Mom!


As a tribute to the special women in our lives, we asked our readers who they thought deserved to be recognized as an “Super Mom.” The responses were wonderful and we are happy to introduce you to five amazing women who go above and beyond to care for their families and the people in their lives. Please join us in congratulating them and let’s celebrate all the awesome mother-figures we have in our lives as well!

A Mother’s Love

We heard from Kristi, a mother who wanted to recognize her daughter Sarah. Kristi wrote that her daughter is a loving and busy mom to two children, a son and a daughter. Her daughter has special needs: unable to walk or talk and needs assistance with eating and other everyday functions. Sarah assists her with all of her physical and emotional needs by spending quality time with her and helping her through all of her limitations. In addition, she is still able to spend quality time with her older child and take him to activities like piano and violin lessons, after school sport programs, and to church. And throughout their busy lives, Kristi says her daughter has a strong faith and feels extremely blessed to have her children and her loving husband. Kristi says that the whole family would agree that Sarah is the “Best Mom in the World!”

Unconditional Love

Hillary is a mom to two toddlers and a full time successful attorney and has been nominated as an Awesome Mom by her husband Benjamin. He praises her attentiveness toward their four-year-old and patience with their one-year-old. Hillary encourages her children daily to be independent and always takes the time to answer their questions thoughtfully and enthusiastically. Her career as an attorney serves as an example to her children to work hard and accomplish goals. Benjamin states that no matter how busy she is with work, she is constantly communicating with her children how important they are to her and how much they are loved.

Supportive and Helpful

Juliette nominated her mom Jillian as an Awesome Mom because her mom is supportive, fun, loves to play music, and loves horses. Juliette looks up to her mom in ways she says that “words can’t describe” and appreciates her mom for all that she does for her. Juliette sees that her mom has overcome a physical disability and doesn’t let it stand in her way to try something new. She also loves to dye her hair different colors and encourages Juliette to do the same and have fun while doing it. Juliette struggles with mental health issues but says the support and help that Jillian shows her through her struggles is a sign of her love and dedication.

True Friendship

True friendship is a thing to treasure and Betsey not only values her friendship with Sandy, she also values their relationship as Moms. Betsey herself is a mom of 4 and has nominated Sandy as an Awesome Mom because, as she puts it, she is “literally the Best Mom I know!” Betsey and Sandy became friends when their children were in preschool together. Sandy is a mom to three beautiful teenaged girls and to a little boy who unfortunately passed away when he was only a few days old. Her daughters have all experienced individual struggles and health issues but that hasn’t slowed Sandy down in any way as she advocates for their health and find the necessary support and resources that they need. Betsey describes Sandy as “one of the most positive and upbeat” moms she has ever met. Sandy is an incredible mom and friend and always there for her family and friends.

Great Mom Guidance

Our next Awesome Mom is a tribute from Christina to her own mother Susan. Christina is a mom to three young daughters and credits Susan with giving her the love and support that Christina has needed to know how to be a good mom. Susan is a loving mother, grandmother, and mother-in-law. She considers her son-in-law as one of her own and loves her granddaughters unconditionally. Susan is present at the girls dance recitals and sports games and is always happy to receive a FaceTime call so her granddaughters can “show off” their skills by reading a book to her. Susan’s career was in nursing, specifically baby care, and while she used that wealth of information to help Christina when her daughters were babies, she also supported Christina’s parenting decisions with no judgement or questions, just sound advice and thoughtful suggestions. Susan makes her family feel important and loved every day. And Christina’s loving words in this tribute shine through that Susan is also important and loved by them every single day.