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Survey finds parents struggle helping kids with homework

homeworkInfographicDo you struggle helping your child with homework? A new survey shows you are not alone!

The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) teamed up with Google to ask parents the question “Are you ever unable to help your kids with their homework?

The new survey revealed that not only do nearly 50 percent of parents (49.1 percent) admit to struggling with providing kids the homework help they need, but nearly half (46.5 percent) of the parents of children in grades one through 12 who feel unable help, struggle because they themselves don’t understand the subject matter.

A deeper look at why so many parents are having such a tough time helping their kids with schoolwork paints a compelling picture of the many challenges involved in raising a family today, including:

  • Nearly one in three of those parents who have trouble said they had difficulty connecting with their child, with 31.6 percent agreeing “my child doesn’t want my help.”
  • More than one in five parents who felt unable to help said they were too overwhelmed juggling everyday demands to devote the time required, with 21.9 percent agreeing, “I’m too busy.”

“The most alienating and scary moments in any parent’s life come when we feel powerless to give our kids what they need,” said Emily Kirkpatrick, vice president of NCFL. “Our goal is to give families of all backgrounds and means the tools to take control of their own learning together – and the liberating thing about technology is we can now help them wherever they are, whenever they have a few free minutes.”

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