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Maryland Earth Day Guide

Celebrate Earth Day on Friday, April 22, 2022! April 1970 was the first year that Earth Day was recognized and celebrated. Have we made much...

Nurturing with Nature: Easy Ways to Help Kids Connect With the Great Outdoors

Whether your family is hoping to foster an appreciation for all living things or simply cut down on screen time and get some fresh...

Create a Certified Wildlife Habitat

Turn your yard into a Certified Wildlife habitat by providing a space where birds, butterflies, insects and amphibians can flourish. One of the biggest...

Park Spotlight: North Point State Park

North Point State Park is one of those Maryland parks that has quite a history, and also provides a place to enjoy the bay,...

Say Cheese! Four Spots Get Your Cheese and Charcuterie Fix

By Katie Riley If there’s one food trend that took off during the pandemic, it was cheese and charcuterie boards. Cheese and crackers are nothing...

Project Clean Stream: Volunteer Opportunities in April to Keep Maryland Green

In 2004 a group of volunteers headed out to clean up a local stream. Since then it’s become an annual April event with thousands...

Rent a Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Cabin and Get Back to Nature

Article written by Nancy Parode A dozen years ago, one of the moms from my daughter's Girl Scout troop suggested that we rent a Potomac...

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