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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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This Month’s Reading List

May Reads, by Jillian Amodio (Links below go to Amazon but don't forget to use your local library branch to find them there too! https://www.aacpl.net/) The...

Reluctant Book Reader—Good Parenting

Dear Dr. Debbie,My four-year-old has been much too squirmy to ever get through a whole picture book with me. I’m ready to give up...

Autism Lite

Kathryn Tucker shares her family’s journey with a child with mild autism in the new book, "Autism Lite." In Kathryn Tucker’s new book “Autism Lite,”...

Diversity in Children’s Literature

On Friday, March 5, Third Floor Views discussed the importance of diversity in children’s literature. We spoke to two local women who have started...

Feel Good February Reads

I have been an avid reader since I was about four years old. My grandfather instilled in me the magic of a book from...

Getting Trapped in a Rainbow

In this week's Third Floor Views, we talked to fashion designer and author Marina Makaron about her new book, Mashka and Mishka Get Trapped...

Our Arundel–anti-racism book study

Students at Arundel High School are actively working toward addressing racial justice in Anne Arundel County. Along with Principal Gina Davenport, students formed Our...

Skin Color Awareness

Dear Dr. Debbie, Our four-year-old is starting to talk about skin color differences. We have varying shades in our family, from tawny to sienna, but...

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