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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Tips for high school students navigating the college search

Finding the right college is a process, and something students should start thinking about as early as freshman year of high school. “It takes time,...

Getting to Know You From Afar: The Virtual Campus Tour

For high school students ready to check out colleges and universities, it won’t be business as usual this year due to COVID-19 related restrictions...

Choosing an All Girls School Curriculum

What is unique about education design for an all-female student body? It is our mission to teach girls in the ways...

Tips for teens traveling to Beach Week

Worried about your high school graduate heading "downy ocean" for Senior Week at the beach? The Ocean City Police Department shares tips to help...

Maryland still ranked No. 1 on AP exam success

For the ninth consecutive year, Maryland students are at the top of the nation in success on the Advanced Placement (AP) exams, according to...

New report shows more Maryland students receiving high school diploma

The number of Maryland students receiving their high school diplomas has jumped again, according to data released today by the Maryland State Department of...

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