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Raising Little Chefs

For kids, cooking is much more than making a meal. It’s a boost of confidence. By Ann Levelle From the time they are given their first...

Write it Out—Journaling for Kids

Writing in a journal can help kids calm thoughts and understand their emotions. by Jillian Amodio Journaling is an effective tool for kids and adults to...

Nature Based Schools–A Grassroots Education

Nature-based programs, starting as early as preschool, boast benefits for children of all ages. By Kelsey Casselbury  For years, it’s been said that kindergarten is the...

Cool Apps to try in 2021

It’s 2021! Time to purge unused apps on your phone and try some new ones. With millions of apps available, just browsing the app...

Winter Camping—A Pandemic-safe Adventure

By Dylan Roche Most people think of camping as a summer activity. After all, you might ask yourself, “Who wants to sleep outside in the...

A Different Kind of Night School

Who says adults can’t learn new skills? Kids are adapting to virtual learning and gaining important computer skills in the process. And they’ve got...

Give Back, Give Blood

January is National Blood Donor Month. Time to give a pint! As COVID-19 marches on, many routine things have changed. One thing that has not...

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