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Equity in Youth Sports

It can start young. You sign your four-year-old up for soccer in the hopes that he can run out some of his extra energy....

An Inside Look at School Athletics During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has affected nearly every facet of the K-12 educational experience, and school sports programs are no exception. Despite the challenges, regional athletic departments...

Dangers of Heat Illness for your Student Athlete

Among US high school athletes, heat illness is the third leading cause of death. Many athletes, coaches, and parents are completely unaware of the...

Making History at Camden Yards

Here in the Chesapeake region, we know a thing or two about the biggest names and accomplishments in Baltimore baseball: Cal’s streak, Frank Robinson’s...

Why Golf Has Become The Sport Of Choice For A COVID World

To say that there have been “winners” in the pandemic might sound insensitive, but we all know that it is at least somewhat true....

Meet Maryland Kid Amir Elisha Whitehead, Future D1 Foil Fencer & Stockbroker

Meet Amir Elisha Whitehead, fencer, future stockbroker and class of 2021 graduate. This Maryland Kid is an impressive young man who by 8th grade...

Sports Fundamentals

My college boyfriend had a T-shirt that said “6th Man on the Court, 12th Man on the Field” that he wore to University of...

How COVID is Impacting Student Athletes

Kids are going to be missing a lot of regular sports this fall. What will they miss out on this fall, and how can...

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