lighthouse1By Jessica McKenzie Peterson

Updated June 2017

Lighthouses fascinate Claudia Talbott.

“It’s always interesting to learn how people and animals got out to the lighthouses,” says the 12-year-old from Annapolis.

The Talbott family became interested in lighthouses last year after participating in the Maryland Lighthouse Challenge and volunteering to work at the Thomas Point Shoal lighthouse, which is a short boat ride from Annapolis.

“We worked with guides who brought the mystique of the lighthouse to life,” says mom Cory Talbott. “Lighthouses are a treasured, mysterious part of our past. Learning about them helps preserve their history for future generations.”

Lighthouses all across the shores of Maryland guide our journeys and lure us in with their mystical beauty. Exploring them with children can be fun and educational. Check out the five Maryland lighthouses listed below from the Seven Foot Knoll lighthouse in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, to the more remote Turkey Point Lighthouse in Cecil County.

As Val Talbott, 11, says, “the stories of Maryland’s lighthouses take you back in time to see our history.”

So grab your binoculars and let the adventure begin!