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Take the family to Philly for a daytrip

PhillyfamilyWBy Karen Stysley

It was the history that drew the Wethington’s of Columbia on a family trip to Philadelphia. And if it’s history you want, history you can get in Philly, along with plenty of parks, museums and, of course, breaks for cheesesteaks.

For 4-year-old twins Max and Annie Wethington, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson have been a hot topic ever since their family’s trip to Philadelphia last July. Sure, the twins and their 8-year-old brother, Jack, also rode a carousel, took a boat tour, and had a picnic in Franklin Square, but their dad, Lang Wethington, says that some of their favorite memories are from their time learning about the way people lived hundreds of years ago.

“The kids had fun, they’re still talking about it. Even the 4-year-olds have really clear recollections of the historic attractions,” he says.

From the Annapolis area, it’s possible to get a taste of all the great attractions Philly has to offer in just a day trip. Read on to find out how to plot out your day in Philadelphia.

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