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Talking About Death Won’t Kill You

Talking about death won’t kill you. Everyone needs to have those conversations since we are all going to die. We just don’t know when. It’s usually uncomfortable to talk about death, but it’s an important discussion to have, especially with young children who might not understand what has happened. And also with aging parents so that everyone is on board with end of life wishes.

Dr. Joey Nichols discusses talking about death at different stages of life, from kids to grandparents, and when we should be having these conversations and with whom. As kids mature they have different ideas and perceptions about death. Try to understand their stage of development before talking to them about death.


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5 Day Email Course – Talking About Death Won’t Kill You

Folks can sign up for the free 5 day email course, Talking About Death Won’t Kill You, at https://tadwky.canopyfamilycare.com/
The first 100 people to sign up for the course will get access to the Five Wishes, which is an advance directive you can fill out yourself and is legally valid in Maryland, DC and Virginia. Or folks can purchase their own copies at http://www.fivewishes.org/

Children’s Books on Grief and Loss

Organized by age group, the following list of books for kids, starting at 3 years, may be helpful to parents who are looking for tools to bring up or process these topics in a non-threatening, age appropriate way. Shout out Elizabeth Nichols, Montgomery County Public Schools librarian, who compiled this list.  Click Here to get the list.


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