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Teacher Appreciation Week is Different During Lockdown

In a regular year, we as parents appreciate our children’s teachers. We know they love our kids and strive to make them better little humans every day. But this year is a bit different.

After being at home with our kids and attempting to homeschool them over the last six weeks, many of us have a new outlook on teachers. They’re heroes. Straight up heroes. So, with Teacher Appreciation Day coming up on May 5, take some time to think about how best to celebrate these heroes who are working their butts off to teach from afar while they themselves have to also hold down their own homes and children. 

On top of our newfound understanding of a teacher’s day, this year we can’t send in a Best Teacher mug or picture frame. Instead we’ll have to celebrate them with a little extra effort. Here are a few ideas that you can do from home to show your (and your children’s) appreciation for their teachers.

  • Write an email, letter or e-card. This can be a joint effort with your children, depending on their age, but a simple heartfelt note goes a long way. 
  • Drawing from student in Wixie, Google Slides. If your kids classes are connected online, you can collaborate with the other students to make a collage, Shutterfly book, or slideshow of the artwork.
  • Gift Card (you can deliver them straight to the teachers’ email addresses) to Amazon, Netlflix, Target or a favorite local store.
  • Have your child make a poster or sign and take a picture of them holding it to send to their teacher. Again, a class collaboration on this if you can pull it off would be extra special.
  • Interview your child about why they love their teacher, then pass along the video to their teacher.
  • Have your child write a list about what they are excited most for when they can go back to school. 
  • A car parade of students at the teachers house. Car parades are all the rage for birthdays these days, why not extend that to teachers!
  • Have lunch delivered to the teachers. You’ll need actual addresses for this, and some teachers might be willing to share their personal information. If not, you can always opt for a gift card to a favorite restaurant or Grub Hub card for deliveries.

Whatever you do for teachers this year, make sure your teachers know how much your kids miss them and how much you appreciate what they’re doing in these trying times.

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