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Teacher Salaries in Maryland

Teacher salaries in Maryland aren’t competitive enough to attract and retain talented teachers. This is bound to be a long term problem if we want good, qualified teachers to educate and prepare our future workforce. According to the Maryland State Board of Education 5,516 teachers, close to 10% left the profession. Reasons vary from retirement to burnout to better opportunities, but there is no doubt there is a shortage of teachers and no end in sight. Anne Arundel County and TAAAC (the Teachers’ Union) reached a bargaining agreement in early September for a 4% cost of living increase. Even with that increase, salaries for teachers are lower than other professions with the same educational requirements. A sample of entry level salaries are shown below as reported by each county. 


Entry Level Salaries* Salary 2022
Teacher – AA Co $48,314
Teacher – Baltimore Co $52,927
Teacher – Calvert Co. $50,500
Teacher – Harford Co $50,649
Teacher – Howard Co $56,228
Teacher – Montgomery Co. $52,286
Teacher – PG Co $49,963
Teacher – Queen Anne’s Co $47,932
AA Co Police Officer $58,646
Entry level accountant $60,000
Entry level Nurse (RN) $67,601
*As reported on each county website

Salary Comparisons

In 2018 a survey done by Chesapeake Family Life showed that entry level teachers in Anne Arundel County were making $45,147. Four years later and beginning salaries have only increased by 7% (before the latest increase). Entry level salaries for police officers, accountants and nurses (RN) annually make at least $10,000 more than teachers. Nurses make $20,000 more per year with very similar education requirements. Would higher salaries attract more teachers? 

Where does the money come from?

No one likes to pay more in taxes but the reality is that it’s our tax dollars paying teacher salaries. We, taxpayers, have to decide how much we want to pay our teachers. The entire detailed process can be seen in this article School Funding 101.  

The path to approving a school budget is:

School Superintendent =>

Board of Education =>

County Executive =>

County Council =>

Board of Education

If you have an interest in your local education system, it’s this process that counts. When you vote for people holding these positions, make sure you know how each candidate feels about spending on education. 

Make sure you vote in November. You can find general voting information here.


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