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Teen Connects with WWII Veterans

Annapolis teen Trey Burman connects with WWII Veterans in his quest to learn more about the war.

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Fascinated by WWII and recognizing a lack of education in school on the topic, Trey went searching for resources to learn more. What better way to learn about the war than hearing stories from those who were there? Given a unique opportunity, Trey met veterans who were a part of WWII. What he found after talking to veterans gave him a perspective much greater than he originally imagined.

Veterans Breakfast Club

Through the Veterans Breakfast Club, a national nonprofit dedicated to connecting veterans and providing a space for them to share their stories, Trey and his new friends have been able to meet WWII veterans from around the country. The students ask questions about a time period that feels increasingly important to these teens. Each week, Trey tunes into VBC’s virtual events to learn more about history and the veterans who served our country. Now he wants other teens to join him and connect with WWII veterans so that they can see the value in learning from our past for a brighter future.

Veteran’s Breakfast Club https://veteransbreakfastclub.org/

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