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Teething necklaces with style — Baby Booty

teethingblingBy Heidi Schmidt

One of the first things I bought when I was pregnant with Ethan was a teething necklace. I heard it would be great for nursing because babies get distracted easily and a silicone necklace would absolutely keep them focused, right?

We tried out Teething Bling, a line of Smart Mom Jewelry that pairs fashion with kid-friendly materials. The necklaces are safe for teething little ones to chew on and something for little nursers to focus on when they get distracted. The pendants are crafted from non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free silicon with a breakaway clasp for added safety.

The moms from our product review testing group all really liked the simple necklace that was perfect for the little ones to grab onto and chew on.

“He is constantly chewing on necklaces so this was perfect.” said mom tester Jemma Meidenbauer, of Deal.

The necklace is perfect especially for teething infants and toddlers who are attracted to the wide-range of bright colors that the necklaces come in.

The necklaces are are stylish and put a nice finishing touch on Mom’s ensemble no matter how formal or informal she’s trying to be. Necklaces range in colors and shapes. Price-wise, the necklaces start at $10. You can also purchase replacement cords if needed for a nominal price.teethingbling2

The breakaway clasp, however, doesn’t always hold up to grabby hands that like to pull on everything.

“[My son] did manage to rip it off my neck a few times. Unfortunately once he figured out he could do that, that’s all he wanted to do,” Meidenbauer noted. Her son is 18 months old, however, and perhaps a little old for the necklace. “I think it would have been excellent when he was a little baby and not so strong!”

Smart Moms does note on their website that these necklaces are specifically made for little ones with emerging teeth. Those with fully developed teeth “may be able to bite through Teething Bling®.”

If you’re looking for a necklace that’s both baby friendly and adds a nice finishing touch to your ensemble check out the variety of styles and colors that Smart Mom Jewelry offers.

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heidi schmidtfamilyW2

Originally from New England, Heidi and her husband settled in Annapolis in 2010. Nowadays, when she’s not chasing her overly-energetic toddler son around, she works as a marketing manager for a local boutique marketing agency and is involved in the Junior League of Annapolis, Inc. Outside of the office, you can often find Heidi hunting for the next great deal in baby gear, training for a race or enjoying her family and all of the food and culture the greater Annapolis area has to offer.

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